Hummingbird Exceed Tips

These instructions refer to Hummingbird Exceed. It is the recommended X emulator for PC's used at PPPL. Educational discounts allow purchases of ten-packs for around $150/license.

Many X-windows applications make use of the middle and right mouse buttons, and you should order one if you don't have one (Logitech is good; a wheel for the middle button is fine). With the default settings in Exceed (see ExceedMouseSettings.GIF), a Logitech mouse should be configured so that button 2 (the wheel) is "Middle Button" and button 3 is "Context Menu/Alternate Select" (see LogitechMouseForExcced.GIF). With some two button mice, you can simulate a middle button by clicking both buttons together.

Here are some tips from /admin/doc/software/exceed-6.2:


    If you can't log into a host, you may need to change security settings.

    This will give Xauthority type security and support xhosts on
    the client.

    In Start->Program->Exceed->Xconfig, 
    (or right-click on Exceed in the menu bar, go to Tools->Configuration)
      double-click on the 'Security' icon.
      Select "Enabled (no host access)"
      Check "Allow Clients to Modify Host Access Control List"
    Click on OK


    This will set the CAPS LOCK key to Ctrl for those who are
    accustomed to Sun keyboards.

    In Start->Program->Exceed->Xconfig, double-click on 'Input'
      Create a caps.kbf file by selected edit under the us.kbf file
      Do a save as 'caps.kbf'
      Double-click on Caps
        Set to Control_L
        Clear the 'lock' key state
        Set the 'control' key state
        Click on Apply and OK
         In Unlatch, set 'CapsLock'
         Click on OK
      Save the file and exit


    Normally when you select Exceed, you get a confusing choice of
    every machine available presented in non-alphabetical order.
    This will narrow the choices given.

    In Start->Program->Exceed->Xconfig, double-click on 'Communication'
        Set 'Mode' to XDMCP-Broadcast
        Click on 'Configure...'
          Select 'Host List File:'
          Click on 'Edit...'
          Type in the names of the computers you might want to
              initially log in to. Such as nstxpool or portal
          Save this file when done and exit.
       Click OK.
     Make sure "Use Broadcast Address" is not checked.
     Click OK again.

   You can now choose, Start->Program ->Exceed->Exceed to get a
    login chooser box. The possible machines are listed in the
    order they responded. To see them in alphabetical order click
    on  'Host name'
To get backspace to run on a machine running Enterprise Linux:
  1. Bring up the Exceed Configuration Window
  2. Click on Mouse, Keyboard...
  3. In the Keyboard Input tab, have us.kbf in the Alternate: box, and click on Edit...
  4. Double-click on the BS key.
  5. Select Shifted radio button
  6. Click on "Clear Mapping"
  7. Click on Apply and then OK
  8. Close keyboard layout window
  9. Click on check mark on XConfig title bar & exit.
  10. Restart Exceed.

At PPPL Ashwini Borkar may be able to answer any additional questions you have.

Edited 23-Aug-2010 by: Bill Davis