NSTX EPICS and Physics Digraphs
NSTX Digraphs - Physics Digraphs are used for CTS names of CAMAC modules

Edited 11-Apr-2016, GZ

EPICS Subsystem Physics Diagnostic
AQ Data Acquisition
BA Bolometer Array
BE Biased Electrodes and Probes (BEaP)
CE CSD Global EPICS Support
CG CSD Generic EPICS template
CH CSD Hardware Diagnostics
CK NSTX Clock System
CM Subsystem Data Management CN Charge Exchange Neutrals Analyzer (CENA)
CS Central Safety/Hardwired Interlocks CX Charge Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy (CHERS)
DC DIMS DA Fast Ion D-Alpha
DB Divertor Bolometers
DD Dust Detector
DI Divertor Imaging Balmer Line Spectrometer DM Deposition Monitor
DS Divertor Spectroscopy
EB Electron Bernstein Wave
EC ECH Electron Cyclotron Heating
EG EdGe Neutrons Camera
EN NPA (Energetic Neutrals)
ER Edge Rotation
FC Fast Camera
FD Fast Divertor Camera
FH Fast H-Alpha
FP UCSD Fast Probes
FR Fast Rotation
FT FIReTIP Far Infrared Tang Interf & Polarim
FV Filtered Visible (Filter scopes)
FW High Harmonic Fast Wave FX Fast Tangential Soft Xray
GP Gas Puff: camera
GR GRITS: GRazing Incidence Time-resolved Spectrometer GS Gas Injection System
HI Coaxial Helicity Injection (CHI)
HK High k scattering
IC Interim CHERS IM One mm Interferometer
IR InfraRed Camera
LD Lower Divertor 1D CCD (CAM1)
LM Locked Mode Coils
LP Langmuir Probes
LR Boundary Physics Cameras (L.Roquemore) LW Loweus
MC Midplane 1D CCD Camera  (CAM2)
MG Motor Generator MI Micro Ion Gauge  (MIG)
ML MoaLisa MM Mirnov Magnetics
MR Microwave Reflectometer (UCLA MMWR)
NB Neutral Beam ND Neutrals, Diamond detector
NE Electron Density (interferometer)
NF Neutrons
NP in-vessel Neutral Pressure gauge
OP Operations Magnetics
PC FCPC: Field Coil Power Conversion PC ** Soft X-ray Pinhole Camera - ** diagnostic retired
PP Plasma Control
PX Physics Operations RG shot mode RGA (residual gas analyzer)
SC Scrape-off layer 1D CCD Camera (CAM3)
SF SFLIP: Scintillator Fast Lost Ion Probe
SN SS NPA: Solid-state NPA
SP SPRED Survey VUV Spectroscopy
SQ MSE: Motional Stark Effect
TC Vac. Vessel Thermocouples TS Multi-Pulse Thomson Scattering
TG Transmission Grating
UD CSUDS Kaifu US Ultra-Soft Xray Array
VM Vac. System/TIV VB Visible Bremsstrahlung
VR Residual Gas Analyzer VS VIPS VIsible Plasma Spectroscopy
VT TIV Control V2 VIPS-2
WS Water Cooling System XC Xray Crystal
XE Xray and Extreme Ultraviolet Spectroscopy (XEUS)
XH Hard Xray Monitor