How to Get IDL Help on your Macintosh at PPPL

While connected to the PPPL internal network:
  1. Click on your Apple menu and select Chooser.
  2. Click on the appleshare icon and then click on the PPL-ENET PH2 AppleTalk zone.
  3. Double click on the "Public Mac Area". Put a bullet next to Guest and click the Connect button
  4. Double click on "Public Mac Area". Close the chooser.
  5. On the desktop double click on the Public Mac Area drive.
  6. Under the Documentation folder drag the IDL Help folder/icon to your desktop. Drag the "Public Mac Area" drive to the trash.
  7. If what you got was an installer, double click on it and put it where you want.
  8. Run the IDL Help application. Try clicking on the Contents tab. Then on the Index tab in the new window. Typing in the window will get you to the topic you want.

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updated: 25-Oct-99
by: Bill Davis