NSTX MDSplus Plotting Tools - Pasting Help

After you have copied a column of MDSplus signals (or multiple columns for buttons supporting that) from an Excel spreadsheet or a text file, you can click on the "Paste a Column of signals from the clipboard" and they will be pasted into the appropriate fields (for example, "Paste 3 Columns" pastes the signal name, and both Y-limits from each line of the clipboard contents). Extra columns and/or lines will be ingored. Blank lines will be pasted, however.

The contents of the clipboard will be pasted starting with the first signal.

Plot #'s can be out of order. If signal fields are blank, they will be ignored.

This pasting into multiple columns from the clipboard only works on Microsoft Internet Explorer, as far as I know.

If you want to use several plotting/listing pages that remember different sets of inputs (assuming you are allowing cookies in your browser), you can also use mdsplotlist2.html, mdsplotlist3.html, mdsplotlist4.html, or mdsplotlist5.html.

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Edited 7-Sep-2007 by: Bill Davis