MDSplus Dispatcher and Servers

Installing a Dispatcher and Servers

This information is from running MDSplus on VMS, so no longer applies to NSTX.

One copy of MDSSERVER.EXE runs as the Dispatcher. Additional copies run as Servers, including at least one CAMAC server. In the original VMS-based system these tasks are installed as DECNET known network objects. Installing these tasks would normally be done at system boot.

$ NODENAME = f$getsyi("nodename")
$ if NODENAME.nes."MANGO" then exit
$ ncp := $ncp
$ oldpriv = f$setprv("SYSPRV,OPER")
$ ncp
  clear obj MANGO_CAMAC all
  set object MANGO_CAMAC number 129 file BE1:[NSTX.CAMAC]MC.COM
  define object MANGO_CAMAC number 129 file BE1:[NSTX.CAMAC]MC.COM

where MC.COM is

$ @mds$top:mdsplus
$ mdsserver :== $mdsserver
$ mdsserver mango_camac

MDS$TOP:MDSPLUS.COM supplies the MDSplus definitions and logical names; in particular, it adds MDS$ROOT to the definition of SYS$ROOT.

Determining what servers are installed

To verify that the server task is installed, use NCP:
MANGO$ mcr ncp
NCP>show known objects

Known Object Volatile Summary as of 19-OCT-1998 13:04:08

   Object   Number  File/PID                   User Id          Password

  $IPCACP        0  21800107
  $MOM           0
  $NICONFIG      0
  DSN_FILE       0  DSN$FILE                   AES_DSNLINK
  DSN_K2         0  DSN$K2                     AES_DSNLINK
  DSN_LOGIN      0  DSN$LOGIN                  AES_DSNLINK
  DSN_MAIL       0  DSN$MAIL                   AES_DSNLINK
  DSN_NETEX      0  DSN$NETEX                  AES_DSNLINK
  DSN_NSD        0  DSN$NSD                    AES_DSNLINK
  II_GCC_0       0  2180011D
  SMISERVER      0  2180010F
  TASK           0                             ILLEGAL
  X$X0           0  2180011A
  FAL           17  FAL.EXE                    FAL$SERVER
  HLD           18
  NML           19  NML.EXE                    NML$SERVER
  REMACP        23  21800113
  MIRROR        25                             MIRRO$SERVER
  EVL           26
  MAIL          27  MAIL_SERVER.EXE            MAIL$SERVER
  PHONE         29  PHONE.EXE                  PHONE$SERVER
  CTERM         42  21800113
  VPM           51  VPM.EXE                    VPM$SERVER
  DTR           63
  FINGER       117  FINGER