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February 3-5, 2010

Conference Room LSB-B318, PPPL


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1:00     Coffee & Cookies, PAC Executive Session

1:15     Stewart Prager        Welcome and charge to the PAC

1:20     Steve Eckstrand      Comments from DOE

1:25     Michael Mauel         New PAC members, agenda and plan of meeting

1:30     Roger Raman           FY2009 Run Campaign Highlights

2:00     Jon Menard              Program Overview and Upgrade Physics Design Progress

3:00     Coffee Break

3:15     Masa Ono                  Facility/Diagnostic Overview and Upgrade Project Status

4:15     Rajesh Maingi           Divertor Options for NSTX and NSTX Upgrade

4:45     Michael Mauel         PAC Executive Session

6:15     Michael Mauel         Feedback and questions to NSTX team (as requested)

6:45     Adjourn

7:00-9:30PM                            PAC reception and dinner

Thursday, February 4, 2010

8:00     Coffee & Donuts

8:30     Michael Mauel            Feedback and questions, response to any previous questions

9:00     Eric Fredrickson           Overview of Run Plan for FY2010

9:30     Vlad Soukhanovskii   Boundary Physics Progress and Plans

9:55     Charles Skinner           Lithium Research Progress and Plans

10:20   Coffee Break

10:35   Steve Sabbagh           Macroscopic Stability Progress and Plans

11:00   Howard Yuh                 Transport and Turbulence Progress and Plans

11:25   Mario Podesta              Energetic Particle Physics Progress and Plans   

11:50   Gary Taylor                  High-harmonic Fast Wave Progress and Plans

12:15   Dennis Mueller            Solenoid-free Start-up and Ramp-up Progress and Plans

12:35   Stefan Gerhardt          Advanced Scenarios and Control Progress and Plans

1:00     Lunch and PAC Executive Session

3:30     Coffee Break

3:45     PAC Executive Session

5:30     Michael Mauel            Feedback and questions to NSTX team (as requested)

6:00     Adjourn for Tour          NSTX tour      

Friday, February 5, 2010

8:30     Coffee & Donuts

8:40     Michael Mauel           NSTX team response to PAC questions

9:00     PAC Executive Session

(12:00 Lunch and PAC Executive Session)

12:45   Michael Mauel           Debriefing

1:30     Adjourn