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Programmatic Overview of the NSTX Upgrade Project

For information on the programmatic and physics motivation for the NSTX Upgrades, please read:

The NSTX Upgrades were strongly supported by the NSTX 5-year plan review panel in August 2008 - see for example the comments highlighted in red in the review panel debrief presentation.

The mission need for the NSTX Upgrades was described in a presentation to DOE/OFES in December 2008, and The mission need document (CD-0) was approved by OFES in February 2009.

An overview of the physics design of the NSTX Upgrade as of November 2009 is provided here, and a CD-1 Lehman review science requirements presentation is provided here.

The most recent overview presentations on the "Physics Basis for the NSTX Upgrade" from the 2010 EPS meeting are available in poster and 4-page paper format.