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Programming info and examples

Useful IDL Routines

User Written IDL Routines

IDL Pages at PPPL

Useful Links for IDL Programming

MPIDL: Parallel IDL

Using Massively Parallel IDL on Petrel cluster

IDL CAMAC Widget Examples

Camac Control and Monitoring Examples in IDL

TDI Programming

Tree Definition Interface Language for MDSPlus

Matlab Programming

Matlab Setup and Basics , TDI for Matlab/MDSPlus (PDF)

GA Plot Objects

Some Documentation on using GA Plot Objects (IDL)

Sharing Applications with the NSTX Display Wall

How to have PC and Mac Windows show up on the NSTX Display Wall.

TCL Programming

The MDSplus Tree Command Language.

MDSplus Action Nodes

Have code invoked during the MDSplus shot cycle.



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