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Generate Thumbnails for Cine files

cinethumbnails.pro has many options which should facilitate generating thumbnails from the Phantom fast cameras (.cin files). Attachments 1-5 were made with the following commands (and then making a jpeg with "mk_jpeg, filename"):

(click on images for larger version)

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   IDL> cinethumbnails, '/p/nstxcam/Miro2-7988/2010/nstx_2_137600.cin'
		        ;(expand window manually)
click to enlarge
   IDL> file=findcamfiles( 137726, /pick)  ;(then select the Miro file from dialog box)
   IDL> cinethumbnails, file, xsize=1600,ysize=1000, t1=.03, t2=.31, nwanted=45          
click to enlarge
   IDL> cinethumbnails,'/p/nstxcam/Phantom73-6663/2010/nstx_3_137726.cin', $
                       maxval=0, t1=.100,t2=.274	 ; (will scale each frame)
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   IDL> cinethumbnails, 137726, maxval=2000, t1=.246,t2=.267,nw=23   
        ;(then select the nstx_1 file from dialog box)
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   IDL> cinethumbnails, 'nstx_4_137702.cin', $
		        xsize=1600,ysize=1000, nwanted=20,t1=.890,t2=1.010,maxval=0
To get the thumbnails for the most recent Miro camera file:
   IDL> cinethumbnails,findLastFile("/p/nstxcam/Miro2-7988/2010/*.cin")
See cinethumbnails.pro for the all options.

See fcthumbnails.html to generate many thumbnails for a shot from Fast Camera Data.

See the thumbnail directory for browsable thumbnails for many shots from Fast Camera Data. They can be created from gpithumbnails.pro.

Edited 28-Feb-2013 by: Bill Davis