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How do I set up my computer account to use NSTX-U software? What needs to be defined?
How do I know what data exist?
How do I look at data?
Do I have to restore data?
How do I find out about how the machine was running for a certain shot?
What if I want to add my own comments about a shot?
For a particular diagnostic, how do I find out which shots have data or have valid data?
What were the first and last shots for a run day? for an XP?
How can I get a list of shots for today or a specific day along with timestamps?
What is MDSplus? What are these "tags" and "nodes"?
How do I find the full path of an MDSplus tag?
How do I make my own Scope layout files?
How do I add my favorite printer to the Scope menu?
How do I print a Postscript file from Scope?
Can I use jScope to display NSTX-U data on the Linux Cluster?
What "canned" plotting, data display and other IDL routines are there?
Is there a way I can let other physicists know about my tags and how to look at my data?
Can I see the shotclock count down from my office?
How can I make a test tree for MDSplus?
How do I find the files that constitute an MDSplus tree?
How do I find the Lithium deposition for a shot or shot range?
How do I access Linux files on my Mac or PC using Samba?
NSTX-U Data Acquisition
I want to put a new diagnostic on NSTX-U. How can I get the data into MDSplus?
How do I control my acquisition starting time?
I want to take another set of calibration shots; what shot number should I start with?
Can I run CAMAC programs from any computer?
NSTX-U Data Analysis
What is the easiest way to plot NSTX-U data?
Where can I get a listing of the NSTX-U MDSplus nodes for common parameters such as nebar, Bt, Ip, beam power, etc.?
How do I plot Ip for an NSTX-U shot in Python?
Is NSTX-U data available from the web?
Do I have to use IDL to analyze the data? If I decide to learn IDL, where do I start?
What TRANSP runs have been done, and how do I look at them?
Is there anything like MINGL and LOCUS?
What sort of relational database tools are there?
How do I know when the between shot EFIT analysis is finished?
What do the variables from EFIT mean?
My program needs the electron temperature and the plasma current as well as my own data, and I want it to run automatically every shot. How do I do that?
I want to put the results of my analysis in the tree, too. How do I do that?
How do I interpolate a signal to a different timebase?
How I can save and restore a plot with my favorite signals using the Web Tools plotting pages?
How can I get postscript or PDF files from the WebTools plots?
How can I get publication quality plots into Word and PowerPoint?
How do I run an IDL code, which normally reads from the command line, from a script?
How do I create MPEG movies from IDL?
Why do I get an error accessing IDL on Solaris from Mac OS X?
Why do my IDL graphics get erased when covered up?
What tools are available for MHD spectral plotting?
How can I access Fast 2-D Camera data for NSTX or NSTX-U?
How can I read or write geqdsk or aeqdsk structures (g-files & a-files) from NSTX-U EFIT data?
How can I get the position of the separatrix (the last closed flux surface) in the plasma from NSTX-U EFITs or LRDfits?
Can I call IMSL routines from IDL, or find ways to do B-splines, for example?
What is TDI and why do I care? Is there a list of useful TDI functions?
Who else uses MDSplus?
Why can't I access MDSplus data at PPPL from offsite?
How can I set an MDSplus event from the Linux command line or a shell script?
I can't log into nstxpool. What do I have to do?
Is NoMachine the best thing to use to log into the Linux cluster?
I don't like X-windows; how can I use the MDSplus tools?
I'm having problems with my X-terminal or X-emulator. What should I check?
Why, in an xterm session under Mac OS X, does the delete key return the cursor to the beginning of the line instead of deleting the character to the left?
How do I program my Logitech 3-button mouse to work in X11 on the Mac?
How can I view my Tektronix plots made in IDL?
How do I print my plots?
What about making Powerpoint slides?
Do I have to learn a new editor?
How do I find out the current shot number?
How do I find out the date of a certain shot?
I need to use Unix for something; how do I learn it?
How do I transfer or copy SCOPE files from VMS to linux (with scp2)?
How do I transfer or copy files between UNIX and VMS (with scp)?
How do I most easily transfer files between UNIX and my Mac?
How do I most easily transfer files between VMS and my Mac?
How do I most easily transfer files between VMS and my PC?
How do I easily transfer files between UNIX and my PC?
How do I create an Xterm window directly on VMS from Exceed?
How can I have jobs run automatically on UNIX?
What tools are on the PC?
How do I get IDL on the PC?
How do I install IDL on the Mac?
How do I install MDSplus and jScope on the Mac?
How do I install MDSplus on the PC?
What tools are on Linux?
I'm away from the Lab; what can I do from the Web?
What is the difference between the "physics network" and the "engineering network"?
What is ssh and why should I use it?
Why am I am having connection problems with ssh.
Why do I get "X connection to ... broken (explicit kill or server shutdown)"?.
What is that authentication information? What if I have problems using the SecureID badge?
Where can I sit in the NSTX-U Control Room?
Can I use wireless internet access in the NSTX-U Control Room?
How do I view pdf, ps (postscript), powerpoint, avi or jpeg files on the Linux cluster?
How can I fix my miscolored X11 cursor on Intel Macs?
How can I get my buttons colored in IDL widgets like dbaccess?
Why can't my IDL session find PPPL .pro routines, like fcplayer.pro ?
Why do I get "setenv: Too many arguments" when I source a bunch of shell scripts?
How do I share windows on my Control Room Mac with the NSTX-U Display Wall?
How do I share windows on my Control Room PC with the NSTX-U Display Wall?
How do I unzip or un-tar files on my PC?
What computer permissions and environmental varialbes does a new user need to access NSTX-U data on Linux?
Error Messages
MDSplus tree access
    "No logical name"
    "Tree does not exist" when tree really does exist

updated: 22-Feb-2017
by: Bill Davis