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EFITviewer is now available for NSTX data (on Unix). LRDfits may also be plotted. PyISOLVER is a fast Python OOP implementation of LRDFIT model. See more information in link.


On UNIX, assuming you have "module load nstx", invoke IDL and:

       IDL> syb_entry

An on-line Logbook manual is available, as are PDF and Microsoft Word versions. Errors and questions should be directed to Stan Kaye.  There is also a Web version of the Logbook.

The commonest way to look at data is with the Scope application. Sample Scope files can be found at (Unix) $NSTXUSR/util/scopes, or ask a user with interests similar to your's. jScope is a more modern version that does overlays, color plotting, etc. jScope has good a Help file. See jScope_PPPL_Linux.txt for local considerations. Here is a local jScope example.  
The TRAVERSER utility displays the structure and content of a tree. It is most commonly used to set data acquisitiion parameters, such as setting trigger times. Tree owners can use TRAVERSER to add or remove nodes and tags from their trees. jTraverser is a more modern version of traverser, but can not do device setup.  
   nedit - A powerful PC-like text editor:   

UNIX initial setup::
% cp  $NSTXUSR/util/config/nedit.rc  ~/.nedit/nedit.rc
UNIX Invocation:

% nedit <filename> &

There are a variety of tools for looking at Fast 2-D Camera data on NSTX, such as fcplayer.pro. See BlobTracking.html for some of the software available for analyzing data for the Gas Puff Imaging (GPI) diagnostic.

  Web Tools Click on the Web Tools tab at the top of this page to find various tools available from a web browser.  
  X-Windows If you are not familiar with using X-windows, see How to Setup IDL and X-windows at PPPL.  
  SharedAppVNC See vncviewer and SharedAppVnc for the Control Room Macs to share windows on your Macintosh with the NSTX Display Wall.  
        See WhatsNew.html for the latest in user software of general interest.

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