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  Error Messages


BIRCH$ dwscope
X Toolkit Error:
Can't open display: %DWT-F-NOMSG, Message number 03AB8204
sunfire11.pppl.gov> dwscope
Error: Can't open display:

• The output display may not be defined:

On VMS, do         SHOW DISPLAY
to see if the display is defined. If it is not,

$ set_display <computer or xterminal name or IP number>
        (set_display is a symbol defined for

On UNIX, do       echo $DISPLAY
If the display is not defined,

setenv DISPLAY <computer or xterminal name or IP number>:0.0

Don't type the angle brackets < >
• On a Mac or PC, the X-windows emulator (eXodus, eXceed, Mac-X or whatever) may not be running.

• Security settings may be preventing the window from being displayed.

On UNIX, it may be necessary to invoke xhost (see 'man xhost')

On a VMS workstation, go to the Session Manager window and locate Security settings; allow yourself in, making sure to specify transport of TCPIP. (Default is DECNET.)


MDSplus tree access

  • "No logical name"
       BIRCH$ traverser -tree nstx -shot -1
       xxx:  Error translating NSTX$DATA
           sts=%SYSTEM-F-NOLOGNAM, no logical name match
       Can not open tree /nstx/ shot /-1/ 
  • "Tree does not exist" when tree really does exist
    BIRCH$ dir/date/size=all nstx$arc$:[activespec.10.45]activespec_104500.*;
    Directory NSTX$ARC$:[ACTIVESPEC.10.45]
    ACTIVESPEC_104500.CHARACTERISTICS;1         79/341      12-DEC-2000 10:01:02.60
    ACTIVESPEC_104500.DATAFILE;1               521/682      12-DEC-2000 10:01:02.73
    ACTIVESPEC_104500.TREE;3                    74/341       1-FEB-2001 11:42:58.01
    Total of 3 files, 674/1364 blocks.
    BIRCH$ traverser -tree activespec -shot 104500 -edit
           Tree /activespec/ shot /104500/ does not exist.  Create?(Y/N)    

  • Written by Phyllis Roney
    Edited 09-Aug-2002 by: Bill Davis