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View the NSTX Logbook with Plot Summaries

Optionally qualify your search and click on "SEARCH" or hit "Enter"
      (will default to all of the most recent day with an entry)

      Only display Shots from to (Optional)

      Only display Rundate (yyyymmdd) e.g., 20080229; 0=today

      XP #: (blank returns all)

      Include ALL entries in Logbook for the above: (vs. just 'PHS OPS', 'SESSION LEADER', and 'RF')

      Username= (e.g., KAYE; blank returns all users)
                        Include all entries with TOPIC='PHS OPS' or 'SESSION LEADER' or 'RF'.


(Output will appear in a separate window entitled "Search Results from the NSTX Logbook")

See weblogplus.html for more searching options.

Other Logbook queries are available elsewhere. Or you may prefer the brief tabular output from searchlogbookcomments.html.

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Edited 20-Oct-2010 by: Bill Davis