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List Scalars in the NSTX MDSplus trees

This page will list scalar data values from the NSTX MDSplus Trees for shots which, optionally, meet certain criteria.

For shot(s):
    (e.g., 107694 108332 108340-108350); (108100+20 will search 108100-108120)
(108100-100 will search 108000-108100; 0-20 will search the last 21 shots)

For tips on convenient shot entry methods, see ShotEntryHelp.html.

To find the shots for a certain date, Query the NSTX Logbook You may wish to copy and paste shots from the NSTX XP Lists or choose shots by searching the comment fields in the NSTX Logbook)

Enter MDS nodes with tree name, e.g., \wf::ip.label

<--- CLICK HERE TO LIST     E-mail file to:

Other optional inputs:

Column Labels:   From MDSplus     Tag Names     None

   (To use this page from outside the pppl.gov domain, you must be authenticated at the firewall)

Last modified 26-Aug-2015
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