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Search for Shots in the NSTX MDSplus trees

   (To use this page from outside the pppl.gov domain, you must be authenticated at the firewall)

This page will list shots from the NSTX MDSplus Trees which meet certain criteria. You may select common parameters from the menus below, or specify your own signals. (This method is MUCH slower than using a database, such as Searching the EFIT database.)

Search Shot(s)
For tips on convenient shot entry methods, see ShotEntryHelp.html.
To find the shots for a certain date,
Query the NSTX Logbook

(You may wish to copy and paste shots from the NSTX XP Lists

The min and max of the last signal you specify will be displayed with the shot list.

Where the Maximum value for Signal:
            (Typed signal names must include the tree, e.g., \wf::ip
            -- See the NSTX Signals and Labels page or the MDSplus Tree Search Tool ).

For the Signals specified above, use a Median-Smoothing Neighborhood of   points

Format to use for data list :   (blank is default)


Edited 17-Nov-2011 by: Bill Davis