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Search an EFIT Table in the NSTXLOGS Database

Search the table in the NSTX Logbook database (NSTXLOGS).

    Not all EFITs are available for all shots. See fitsAvailable.html

Optionally limit to entries in which:

        betan >=           AND   betan <     (Normalized Beta)
        betat >=           AND   betat <       (Toroidal Beta)
        BT0 >=             AND   BT0 <       (Toroidal Field at Mag. Axis, 0-1)
        chisq >=           AND   chisq <       (Magnetic Chi^2)
        gapbot >=         AND   gapbot <     (bottom gap - m)
        gapin >=           AND   gapin <       (inboard gap - m)
        gapout >=         AND   gapout <     (outboard gap - m)
        gaptop >=         AND   gaptop <     (top gap - m)
        Ip >=                 AND   Ip <           (Plasma Current, amps)
        kappa >=           AND   kappa <     (Elongation, 1-3)
        Li >=                 AND   Li <           (Internal Inductance)
        nebar_ts >=       AND   nebar_ts < (Electron Density - n/cm^3)
        Pa >=                 AND   Pa <           (NB Source A, watts)
        Pb >=                 AND   Pb <           (NB Source B, watts)
        Pc >=                 AND   Pc <           (NB Source C, watts)
        Pnbi >=               AND   Pnbi <       (Injected NB Power, watts)
        Prad >=             AND   Prad <       (Radiated Power - w/cm^3)
        Prf >=               AND   Prf <           (RF Power - watts)
        taumhd >=         AND   taumhd <   (Energy confinement time - s)
        Temax >=         AND   Temax <     (Peak Electron Temp, eV)
        tribot >=           AND   tribot <       (bottom triangularity, 0-1)
        tritop >=           AND   tritop <       (top triangularity, 0-1)
        wmhd >=         AND   wmhd <       (wtot; Total Plasma Energy - J)

                (a * will return that field, but not limit the query;
                if both fields are blank, that parameter won't be returned)

        Time of Interest=

    Limit the Search to Shots from to (Optional)
        (Defaults to the last 100 shots)


(Output will appear in a separate window entitled "Search Results from the NSTX Database")

       ( Shots corresponding to various NSTX XPs are online.)

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Other Logbook queries are available elsewhere. Or you may prefer the brief tabular output from searchlogbookcomments.html.

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Edited 2-Jan-2008 by: Bill Davis