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This site is maintained by the NSTX-U Software Support Staff (see below) for use by NSTX-U Scientists and Engineers. You will find links for analyzing NSTX-U data from the web, as well as documentation on software you may use from other computers. Click on the FAQ tab above for answers to the most frequently asked questions on data access and computer use, or browse through this site from the other links here, or try using the site map.
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FAQ The answers to a lot of Frequently Asked Questions are available. If you can't find what you need there, ask a programmer (list below).
MDSplus is a set of software tools for data acquisition and storage. NSTX-U data is organized according to the MDSplus paradigm, so users need to be familiar with it.
General Purpose Computers : Access to the NSTX-U MDSplus data is available at PPPL from the UNIX cluster, personal computers, or the Web. All access to the NSTX-U CAMAC highways must be done from skylark. IDL is now available on all PPPL computers.
Web Tools provide the ability to plot data from the web, search for MDSplus signal names and locate shot lists by date and by experimental proposal.  
Logbook The NSTX-U Electronic Logbook is available on the web or from IDL on UNIX (as syb_entry).  
IDL is a popular programming language for analyzing NSTX-U data. The PPPL IDL pages include an introduction to IDL and examples for MDSplus data access for NSTX-U.
NOTE: there might be vendor issues with IDL in the future; new users are encouraged to use other languages, like python or MATLAB.
              Need help? Ask the NSTX-U software support staff    
Control Room Support, IDL, database 
MATLAB support
   Nab Rahman,
Control Room Support, PCs, LabView 
   Gretchen Zimmer
   Unix Sys Admins
   Eliot Feibush
Real-time Computer Support (e.g., DCPS) 
Control Room Support, MDSplus
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