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NSTX MDSplus Tree Searching Tool

   (To use this page from outside the pppl.gov domain, you must be authenticated at the firewall)

Enter the following information and click on the Search button :

Where to Search:   In Any Node     Just In Nodes with Tags (faster)    
          Name Contains: (Blank searches all)
          And Does not Contain:

What to Search:   Tag/Node Names     Text in Nodes (slow)     All Expressions (very slow)
          "What" Contains: (Blank returns everything)
          Case Sensitivity of Contents Search:   Insensitive     Sensitive    

Tree Name:      Select one:    
(NSTX searches all trees on skylark)
(see the NSTX Tree List for details.)

Shot Number: (default is the last shot-1)
                          (for the *_Trend trees, the Shot Number must be an encoded date, e.g., 20010725)

What to Display:   Just what asked for (Nodes or Tags)     Both Tags and Paths if available   
                    Do not make any hot links (faster for large searches).

Max # of Nodes to return: (default is 10000)

(You might find a tag for a signal's full node name on the NSTX Signals and Labels page.)


Edited 23-Aug-2013 by: Bill Davis