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Search/view the NSTX Logbook with Plot Summaries

This page will search the ENTRIES table in the NSTX Logbook database (NSTXLOGS).
        (for output in table form, see searchlogbookcomments.html; For a simpler version of this page, see logbook.html.)

Optionally limit to entries where the comments contain the strings (blanks are OK):

            (NOT case sensitive)

Optionally limit to:
        username= (e.g., KAYE; blank returns all users)
                        Include all entries with TOPIC='PHS OPS', 'SESSION LEADER', or 'RF'.

        xp= (e.g., 5; blank returns all)
        topics to display:     ALL: (if checked, ignores boxes below)
            BOLOMETRY:       BOUNDARY PHYSICS:       CHI:
            CONDITIONING:       EFIT:       ENGINEERING:       FIDA:
            HYBRID:       IMPURITIES:       MAGNETICS:       MHD:
            MPTS:       MSE:       PCS:       PHYS OPS:       RF:       SESSION LEADER:

    Limit the Search to Shots from to (Optional) Also see ShotEntryHelp.html

    Optionally limit the Search to Rundate (yyyymmdd) to e.g., 20080229; 0=today

      (defaults to all of the most recent day with an entry)

            Suppress plot thumbnails                                                                          

(Output will appear in a separate window entitled "Search Results from the NSTX Logbook")

       ( Shots corresponding to various NSTX XPs are online.)

   (To use this page from outside the pppl.gov domain, you must be authenticated at the firewall)

Other Logbook queries are available elsewhere. Or you may prefer the brief tabular output from searchlogbookcomments.html.

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Edited 13-Dec-2016 by: Bill Davis