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NSTX Logbook Options

For even more options see WebLogPlus.html

Suppress plot thumbnails

 Logbook for current date

 Logbook for a user-selected date: in Descending order by shot.

 Logbook for a user-selected date: in Ascending order by shot.

 Logbook for a user-selected shot:

 Logbook search of comments for specific text:  NSTX Logbook text query

 Logbook custom query: NSTX Logbook custom query

Besides this web-based Logbook for NSTX, you can also access the Logbook via nstxpool. Assuming you have already entered "module load nstx" (most likely in a log-in file), invoke IDL and enter:

IDL> syb_entry

This linux version is useful for automatic updates to the logbook shot entries. There may be other items necessary for you to access the linux version of logbook. Please see New-user Setup

Link to Version of Logbook that runs on mel (VMS)

An on-line Logbook manual is available, as are PDF and Microsoft Word versions. Questions regarding the documentation should be directed to Stan Kaye.

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