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EFIT/LRDfit Flux Surface Plotting Tool

(New options added below the PLOT button)

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Enter information and click on the PLOT box, below.

Shot Number: (0 for last shot; blank for next-to-last)     (search for desired shot numbers)
        Find shots based on EFIT parameters  

EFIT version: (1,2,3,etc.) or LRDfit version: (4,6,etc.)     (search for fits available)

Fit Flux Plot time: (sec)    

Also Plot Thomson Scattering Profiles for Te and Ne

(Optional) Also Plot Time-varying Signal:

    (include tree name, e.g., \wf::ip)
    -> For signal names see the NSTX Signals and Labels page or the MDSplus Tree Search Tool.

    X Plot Range for Optional Signal:     to (sec)

    Median-Smoothing for Optional Signal: (Defaults to no smoothing)

Size of Plot Window:   Horizontal: Vertical:   (pixels)
Do not put the NSTX Logo on plot      

Create file:   None   Postscript   PDF     named: +ext
e-mail file to:

For the Flux Contour plot:
      Total number of contours:       
      Number of SOL contours:       
      Distance (m) of SOL contours: (0 autoscales)
      Display both sides of machine (can not limit R or Z)
      R Plot Range for Flux Contours:     to (m)
      Z Plot Range for Flux Contours:     to (m)
      Suppress Z & R axes on Flux Contour plot
      Character size: (default=1.5)

For Diagnostic Overlays:
      GPI Camera
      GPI Tangential
      BAYC fibers
      Vertical Divertor View
      Horizontal Divertor View
      MPTS points and uncertainty
      Langmuir Probe Positions

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