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NSTX MDSplus Adjustable Scope Plotting Tool

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Enter information and click on the PLOT box, below.         (Help is available for this page)
    (The resulting plot will appear in a new window.)

Shot Number: (arrows will plot the shot before or after)
    Shots to Overlay: (optional)
    For tips on convenient shot entry methods, see ShotEntryHelp.html.     (search for desired shot numbers)

Enter Scope filename located in $NSTXUSR/util/scopes/:
        ( or in $NSTXUSR/util/jscp if .jscp extension)

Plot Ranges:
    X:   From Scope   from to (sec)
    Y:   From Scope   Autoscale

Plot Labels:  
    From Scope (no shot #)   From MDSplus   Tag Names

Signal Units Displayed:   None     on Y-axis     append to Title    
Median-Smoothing Neighborhood: (Defaults to no smoothing)
Layout of Plots:   # of rows:   # of columns: (Blanks are OK)
Size of Plot Window:   Horizontal: Vertical:   (pixels)

Create file:   None   Postscript   PDF     named: +ext
e-mail file to:

Color of vertical major tick lines:
Location of plot titles:  above plot   inside plot box
      Color of inside plot titles: Size of inside titles: (0-4)
      Maximum # of characters in a plot title:
Do not put the NSTX Logo on plot       Display values of all X-axes      
Display shot time on the plot                 Display tagname for missing data
Suppress "Data Not Found" message       Label every other major tick mark on X-axis

Color Indices for Lines:
    (in IDL style, e.g., [20,40,60,80,100,120,140] or findgen(20)*10 -- not to exceed 240)
IDL Color Table for Indices: (See IDL documentation)

Optionally enter values between 0 and 0.2 for the following fractions to adjust spacing between plots:
Fraction between columns:     Fraction between rows:    
Fraction at top of page:          Fraction at bottom of plot:
Fraction to right of plots:         Fraction to left of plots:    

Expert Entry:  
    (enter keywords to the IDL Plot command, separated by commas)

(If this page is not working, you may be able to diagnose problems with the server).

If you want some of your selections remembered when you return to this page, read about the IMPORTANT FEATURE on the Scope Plotting Details page.

Edited 9-Oct-2012 by: Bill Davis