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MDSplus Documentation and Examples

MDSplus Overview Links

The MDSplus home page

PDF files for the 2/2/99 MDSplus talk and for printed versions of the Scope and Traverser documents

High-Level Utilities

Scope - a versatile plotting utility (you may prefer the more modern jScope)
PAD - an easy way to set up Scope displays
Traverser - MDSplus tree display and editor utility

Specialized Languages
TCL - Tree Command Language
TCL Examples
TDI - Tree Data Interface routines
TDI Examples

Creating a private MDSplus tree
Creating and using physical subtrees
Who can read and modify what
Access from IDL
Supporting CAMAC
MDS Servers
MDSplus Motif Widgets for device forms
Error messages/problems

To use MDSplus at PPPL, see the NSTX Data FAQ.

A good way to access NSTX-U data in MDSplus is through the Web Tools .


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