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Plot One MDSplus Signal vs. Another

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Enter information and click on the PLOT box, below.

Shot Number: (arrows will plot the shot before or after)
    Shots to Overlay: (optional)
    For tips on convenient shot entry methods, see ShotEntryHelp.html.     (search for desired shot numbers)

Enter both signals with tree name, e.g., \wf::ip

        or start:     delta:     X displayed as HH:MM (then delta in hours)

X range to use from the signals:
      All   in units to (sec., etc.) points to

X range for plot:   All   from to (in X signal units)

Y range for plot:   All   from to (in Y signal units)

Plot Label:   From MDSplus   Tag Names   Use:

Signal Units Displayed:   None     on Y-axis     append to Title    

Median-Smoothing Neighborhood: (Defaults to no smoothing)

Size of Plot Window:   Horizontal: Vertical:   (pixels)

Create file:   None   Postscript   PDF     named: +ext
e-mail file to:

  -> For signal names see the NSTX Signals and Labels page or the MDSplus Tree Search Tool.

TDI can be used in the signal fields.

Expert Entry:  
    (enter keywords to the IDL Plot command, separated by commas)

If you want your signals and Y ranges remembered when you return to this page, read about the IMPORTANT FEATURE on the Scope Plotting Details page.

(If this page is not working, you may be able to diagnose problems with the server).

Edited 29-Apr-2010 by: Bill Davis