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Inputs to this page may be read from a tab-delimited file Help for initialization files

NSTX MDSplus Signal Plotting or Listing with file input

Enter information and click on the GO button, below, or hit Enter.
    (The resulting plot will appear in a new window.)

Shot Number: (arrows will plot the shot before or after)
    Shots to Overlay: (optional)
    For tips on convenient shot entry methods, see ShotEntryHelp.html.     (search for desired shot numbers)

Enter Signal(s) with tree name, e.g., \wf::ip

    Y: (autoscale if blank)
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
from to
  -> For signal names see the NSTX Signals and Labels page or the MDSplus Tree Search Tool.

Plot Ranges:     X:   Autoscale   from to (sec., points, etc.)

Plot Labels:       From MDSplus   Tag Names   None Full MDSplus pathname

Size of Plot Window:   Horizontal: Vertical:   (pixels)

          Output Desired:  
Numerical Listing            
Plot File:  
None   Postscript   PDF
named: +ext          
Output File Font:  
                          E-mail files to: (e.g., bdavis)
                              E-mail a plot or listing                     keep plot aspect ratio the same as plot window.
                              E-mail the current settings on this page

Items below are optional:

Signal Units Displayed:   None     on Y-axis     append to Title    
Median-Smoothing Neighborhood: (Defaults to no smoothing)
Layout of Plots:   # of rows:   # of columns: (Blanks are OK)

Color Indices for Lines:
    (in IDL style, e.g., [20,40,60,80,100] or findgen(20)*10 -- not to exceed 243, or use these)
IDL Color Table for Indices: (-1 for a "better" rainbow palette)

Styles for Lines:     (Help)
Symbols for Points:     (Help)
Do not put the NSTX Logo on plot       Display values of all X-axes      
Display shot time on the plot                 Display tagname for missing data
Suppress "Data Not Found" message

Optionally enter values between 0 and 0.2 for the following fractions to adjust spacing between plots:
Fraction between columns:     Fraction between rows:    
Fraction at top of page:          Fraction at bottom of plot:
Fraction to right of plots:         Fraction to left of plots:    

TDI can be used in the signal fields. For math on Signals which are on different timebases, Signal-Math TDI functions are used automatically.

Other Optional LISTING Inputs:
      Limit list to:   points OR every th point (Default is all)
      Format to use for first column (usually time) :   (blank is default)
      Format to use for data list :   (blank is default)
      Delimit file columns with tabs

Expert Entry:  
    (enter keywords to the IDL Plot command, separated by commas)

(If this page is not working, you may be able to diagnose problems with the server).

See the Scope Plotting Details page for tips.

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Edited 25-Feb-2015 by: Bill Davis